What is a Salt System?

Answer: Salt Systems are one of the most innovative and cost effective products in the pool industry. The system works by installing a salt cell in the filtration system which converts regular table salt that is added to your pool water into chlorine. The benefit to this system is that the salt does not "wear out" and can be used over and over again to create chlorine. This system greatly reduces the amount of chemicals necessary to keep you water sparkling all summer.


Does The Pool Shop offer installation of Salt Systems?

Answer: The Pool Shop is proud to offer professional installation of these systems. Furthermore, The Pool Shop is ready to provide service and guidance as you get aquainted with you new salt system.


Can you taste the salt in the pool water?

Answer: As long as the salt is kept within the recommended range pools owners don't typically taste the salt in the water. If too much salt is added this can cause the water to have a salty taste.


How often should I change the pool filter sand?

Answer: Chlorine pools need a sand filter change approximately evey 3-5 years. For Baquacil pools it is recommended that the sand is changed annually. Necessary sand changes are subject to a number of variables and may have to be analyzed on a case by case basis.


What causes algae growth?

Answer: Algae growth can be caused by a variety of factors. Some of the most common factors are improper chemical balance, poor circulation, ineffective filtration, poor housekeeping, and the weather. Pool owners typically struggle with algae problems at some point during the summer which can lead to a lot of work and additional cost to control the algae. By keeping you water chemisty balanced and the pool filtration system working properly algae problems can be minimized.


Why does the water sometimes burn my eyes?

Answer: This is typically caused by a water balance issue. Changes in pH can cause eye irritation and discomfort. Luckily this is easily remedied by conducting a water test and balancing the pool water to the recommended level. Other causes may include excessively high chemical levels or filtration issues. The Pool Shop offers a variety of sources to help solve this problem.


Why is my pool/spa foaming?

Answer: This can often be caused when the pool owner adds to much of a chemical that has a tendency to cause foaming (i.e. alagecide). The soultion is usually accomplished by adding a foam reducing chemical to the water and checking the water chemisty.


What are metals and how do they get in my water?

Answer: The metals typically found in pools are copper and iron. The Pool Shop offers a test for these metals during your free water analysis. Metals can be added to your water through a variey of ways. Some to the most common causes are heater components, chemicals containing metal such as copper alagaecide, and old galavanized piping. If metals are not removed from the pool water they can cause staining that is very difficult to remove.


How do I know if I need a new pool liner?

Answer: Most pool owners replace their liner when they begin patching several holes, the liner begins to fade, or the liner begins to pull out of the track.


Does The Pool Shop install liners?

Answer: The Pool Shop offers an efficient and professional installation. The process typically takes 3 days which include the removal of your old liner, installation of the new liner, refilling the pool, and balancing the chemicals.


When is the best time to open my pool?

Answer: It is best to open your pool in the early spring preferrably in April. Those that wait until the weather is getting very warm to open typically have significant algae and chemical balance problems. Call today to schedule your opening with The Pool Shop.


What is included when The Pool Shop opens my pool?

Answer: Pool Shop professionals will remove the pool winter cover and all other winterization products. The pool is cleaned and the water is balanced. All system components are checked to ensure that the pool is proper working condition. This is a great way to start the summer and your enjoyment of the pool you have been without all winter!


What is a Polaris and how would one benfit me?

Answer: A Polaris is an automatic pool cleaner. There are several different models which can work on a vaiety of pool systems. Automatic pool cleaners enable the pool owner to spend more time enjoying their pool while the pool cleaner takes care of vacuumning.


What products and services does The Pool Shop offer?

Answer: The Pool Shop provides top of the line service for pools that may need repairs, renovaitions, or maintnance. Customer service is our highest priority and we are ready to fulfill all of your pool needs.